Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blog Assignment # 14

Can a History Classroom Benefit From PBL and Technology?


Students are to watch the video Technology in Our Schools: The Social Studies and History Class. After students watch the video, they will write a blog post answering the question "Can a history classroom benefit from PBL and Technology"?

My Post

I thought this was a great video to watch! This video helped me see how much a history class (or any class) can benefit from PBL and technology. The video states "Technology provides students with a platform to show their creativity. Students are engaged and take ownership of their learning". This video also gives great suggestions of ways to use technology and PBL in not only a history class, but other classes as well. One tip the video gives is to use FaceTime for video conferences, because this can help connect your students to people all over the world. I think this is a great idea for a history class because it allows the class to talk to an expert in whatever historical event they might be studying. When I begin teaching I will defiantly use this suggestion, because it will give my students a chance to ask questions to someone who specializes in a particular field. The second suggestion this video gives is to have students make blog posts and podcasts. When students make podcasts and blog posts they are able to share their ideas and work with people from all over the world, which answers the question most history students ask- "who cares and why do I need to know this"? The video also mentions using Google Earth because it allows your students to travel all over the world while still in the classroom. I have never thought about using Google Earth before I watched this video. However, I will be using it when I begin teaching. When I was in history class I loved to look at the pictures and always wished the textbook had more. With Google Earth my students will be able to see the historical sites and locations we will be learning about. Why should my students be limited to just reading about these exciting places when I have the technology to take them on a virtual tour? I found this video to be very helpful in giving me ideas for projects and tools to use in my history classroom. PBL and technology can help students who do not like history become more engaged and excited about coming to class and learning about history.

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  1. No Link to the site you discuss. Without a link i cannot go to it (easily). Without going to it I cannot evaluate this post and it will count as not done which, in your case, is a serious situation. Even a Google search did not turn it up on the first page. I did not go further into the Google Finds.