Tuesday, July 9, 2013

C4T # 3

Mr. Robbo-The PE Geek

Top Apps For PE Teachers.Part 26

I enjoyed reading this post. This blog gave great app ideas for PE teachers and coaches. My favorite app that he talks about is called SwipeStats. SwipeStats is an app that lets coaches, PE teachers, students, and players to keep statistical information. This app can also be used by anyone who might want to keep track of their favorite pro athlete's statistical information. I commented on the post that, as a softball coach, I think this would be a great app to use to keep track of my player's statistical information.

Another app that was mentioned in this post was called Jade of Spades. In this app, the user picks a card out of a deck, and on the card is a physical activity that the user has to complete as quickly as possible. The app allows the user to choose a half deck or a full deck. By allowing users to users to choose a half deck the user can work their way up to a full deck which is a longer exercise program.

Motion Tennis-An Amazing Air Play App

This post is about a motion tennis app. This app allows the user to pair with Apple TV or other AirPlay devices. This app turns you iPhone into a virtual tennis racquet that allows the user to play tennis using their iPhone. This is an amazing app that shows how much iPhones and apps are truly capable of.
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  1. Jamie,

    Be sure to provide a clickable link so that outsiders may refer to the teacher's blog you are discussing. It sounds like you have found some useful apps!

  2. "I think this would be a great app to use to keep track of my player's statistical information." Will you use it?

    See Elizabeth's comment.