Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Project #13

Project # 13

Project based learning lesson plan

A Day In The Life Of Worker Ants

Duration : 225 to 250 minutes

Subject: English, Science

Grade Level: 3rd

Project Idea Summary:

Students are to do online research about worker ants. Students are to use the research they found online to create a short story, and illustrate it about if they were the worker ant for a day. They are to write about what they would do, what problems they might encounter, and how they would solve those problems.

Students are to then get into groups and read over each others stories. Each student would get and give feed back from their group members and also give feed back to their group members. Students would then revise their stories and illustrate them. All the stories would then be made into a book called A Day In The Life Of Worker Ants. A podcast would then be made of the book with each students reading their story. The podcast would then be posted on the class blog page. The teacher would then teach students how to upload the Podcast to each students personal blog page.

Content Standards:

ELA(3) 9. Compose narrative text using an introductory paragraph, specific time frames, clear sequencing of events and conclusions.

TC2(3-5) 8. Collect information from a variety of digital sources.

ELA2010(3) 24. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear events sequences.

21st Century Competencies To Be Taught and Assessed:



Critical Thinking

Creativity and innovation

Entry Events

Show Youtube video about worker ants

Formative Assessments (during the project )

Rough Drafts

Summative Assessment (end of the project)

Written products by using rubric

Oral Presentation by using rubric

Resources Needed

Class blog page

Computers with internet access

pen, paper, crayons, and markers

Computers with microphone

Reflection Methods

Group discussion

Whole class discussion

Writing in daily journal


Some students might have problems using computers for research and uploading the podcast to their blog page. If this problem happens teachers should have time put aside to work with those students having problems individually on the computers.


  1. This is a good start to an engaging, cross-curriculum project. Just so you know, a teacher's lesson plan would be much more detailed and include an organized, predetermined schedule of all activities for this project. This is just something to think about as you progress in your education classes, but I like what you've produced so far.

    I noticed under your 'Assumptions' subtitle that you noted some students may have trouble using computers to research. Hopefully, you'll have already taken the time to assess their computer-research abilities and then enhanced their skills. I also hope that you'll also provide them with a list of websites they should use for their research.

  2. Very good start. See Jacey Blaire's comments. Was this a collaborative project? It was supposed to be but there is no indication of that in your post.