Sunday, July 14, 2013

C4T # 4

Get Started Using Screencast In PE.

Mrs. Hamada post Get Started Using Screencast In PE gave readers different tools and apps that can be used to give feedback to PE students or players. Mrs. Hamada makes a great point that when you are teaching a PE class or Coaching a sports team feedback is very important but sometimes very difficult. Some examples she give of why feedback is difficult for PE teachers and Coaches is the noise level in a gym or field. Another reason feedback could be difficult is because most of the time the teacher or the coach is not standing right beside the student or player and may have to yell across a field. Screencasts make feedback for teachers and coaches easier because "Screencast is a movie on your computer screen that you make to explain or share something with someone else". One of the tools Mrs. Hamada suggested was Coach's Eye. Coach's Eye is an app that can be use to take video of students or players and then play it back to them. This is a great tool because it allows the coach or teacher to either pull the student to the side and show them the video of what they are doing correct or incorrect. As a Softball coach I think this is a very useful tool. One thing that makes this tool so helpful to coaches and teachers is that the app allows you to slow the video down. Being able to slow the video down is one of the main reasons I will be using this app when the softball season starts. I will use this tool to help me coach hitting to my softball players because when a player is hitting everything happens so fast that it is hard for them to visualize what they are doing wrong. With Coach's Eye I will be able to video them hitting and then play it back for them in slow motion so they can see and understand what they are doing wrong. I left Mrs. Hamada a comment telling her who I am and that I enjoyed her post. I also commented that I would be using Coach's Eye and could not wait for the softball season to start so I could use the app on my players and get their responses.
photo of Coach's Eye app
Twitter Challenge For PE Teachers

In this post Mr. Hamada explains that she did not understand what the big deal about Twitter was at first. However her husband was so attached to it that she decided to give it a try. Mrs. Hamada points out how she was going to use Twitter Professionally. First she wanted to find out about some hash-tags and see how she should use them. The next thing she did was follow PE teachers. The third thing she did was to find out what people were up to in their PE departments in other International and regular schools. Mrs. Hamada talks about the amazing people she has met and connected with that would have never of happened without Twitter. She then challenges the reader to get into Twitter. I wrote a comment about how much I enjoyed reading her post. I also explained that at first I also did not see the big deal with Twitter but the more I used it the more I got of Twitter logo

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